Persistance and repetition are the keys. I started at 61 also and now I am 70. I took guitar lessons for 5 years kind of expensive at $100.00 a month but I was serious about getting up to speed quickly. Others have reccommended good free sources also used jamplay for a few years. The muscle memory is absolutely true it will come just not as fast as you would like. Play at least 15 minutes a day every day break up your sessions into starting with fun stuff you like, then work on a song you are wanting to learn, and finally on what you are struggling with chord changes etc. I now play over 200 songs and jam with a group here in Lake Havasu Arizona. Try memorizing at least a few songs the more the better.
Next come voice lessons you will want to sing right. Start by building your diaphram strength. Take 10 deep breaths and hold them every day. Then do the do re me fa so warmup with your voice starting in the key of C and working up to G forward and backword. That will get you started     


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I liked it cool song and you did it very well, just have fun with it