hummin n strummin wrote:

This is one of those times where everything comes together perfectly. Songwriting,playing,singing and video all compliment each other.
Very nicely done. You gave us all a treat with this one Joe! Thanks!

I agree! Excellent all the way 'round.


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dino48 wrote:

I could find a clear link too the song,thats probalely because I am not to good with computers.

Link doesn't work for me, either.


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Well, with the help of Justin and Songster, I can now do the the first 16 bars of "Stairway," albeit, at 1/2 speed. Now it's over to my local Guitar Center to show the kids that this baby boomer can still ROCK! big_smile


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I found this video on YouTube of some famous European clowns from the 1950s and '60s who combined playing music with their antics. I thought it was pretty amusing and hope you enjoy. I think the video demonstrates than music and clowning can cross barriers of language and time:

P.S. the smaller of the clowns keeps saying "C'est mon frère" which means, "He's my brother," which I think is pretty sweet.


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Nice job, Brian. Kind of sounds like early British Invasion pop.


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I'm not a 12 string player, but I've got to say that your new guitar is stunning.


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In case anyone is also trying to learn  "Stairway to Heaven" I'm finding Justin Sandercoe's videos on YouTube very helpful.


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Tenement Funster wrote:

The opening riff for "Over the Hills and Far Away" is a great bit to practice the hammer-on / pull-off technique. The tab (on Chordie) done by Jimmy Pena is the way I play it (in "G") and it's really not as hard as it looks / sounds. Otherwise I certainly couldn't do it! (LOL) And it sounds a gazillion times better on a 12-string ... can't wait to get one.

This rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" by Heart was part of a tribute concert at the Kennedy Centre, featuring Jason Bonham on drums: … feature=kp

Anne Wilson's vocals are absolutely bone-chilling ... that gal can really sing.

I've got that video bookmarked and watch it frequently. It's an amazing performance--in fact, everybody who performed at that concert did a wonderful job.


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dino48 wrote:

Einstien  did play the Violin.

He almost certainly played the violin better than I play the guitar. However, I bet I could beat him at Halo!


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jerome.oneil wrote:

Jimmy is my favorite all time player and Zep is one of my all time favorite bands.   "Over the Hills and Far Away" is my own personal benchmark piece.

My only problem with Stairway is that it's not even the best song on that record, but it gets all the press.

I absolutely love "Over the HIlls and Far Away" . . . still remember the first time I heard it. I was mesmerized.  It's going to be a while before I attempt to learn that one!


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Zurf wrote:

Nah.  I don't play anything 'right.'  Keep up the good work though.  Every time you transcribe even ten seconds worth of something, you've learned a tremendous amount about how notes go together.

Thanks for your encouraging words, Zurf!


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Not again! You know, I had this dream of going into my local Guitar Center, pulling a guitar off the wall, and treating the ladies to a little "Stairway," but now, I guess I'll just stick to "Wish You Were Here."


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Do you recall Albert Einstein's explanation of relativity?

"Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity."

I was thinking of that while trying to learn a piece that many of you have probably already mastered--the opening solo to "Stairway to Heaven." See, when I first started bumbling my way through it, the opening four measures seemed to take an hour to play. Then, after I could kind of play them, they seemed to go by so quickly. I was really disappointed; I'd only learned a section that took about 10 seconds to play!


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Thanks for posting your recording--I really enjoyed it!


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badeye wrote:

Great party Dino, five piece band played till 5 am.    sunday was a write off,,lol

Friday blues fix....   Blind Willie McTell,,,,

badeye   cool

Enjoyed that. It was really great to see a younger Stefan Grossman demonstrating all those early blues guitar styles. He really is a remarkable player, and I grateful for all the instructions videos he's made.

Well done! I haven't heard that song in a long time, and your playing inspired me to come back to it.


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dino48 wrote:

Nela that's one great looking guitar!!

I agree with dino--you just got yourself a beautiful guitar.


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I've always been impressed with that Fishman pa/amp system. I'm sure your audiences will enjoy the sound quality!


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Excellent news! Congratulations on your new gig--I hope it brings great satisfaction to you and  your listeners.


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Great song! I especially enjoyed the way you picked this--evocative and complex.


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It's funny, I never listened to the White Stripes until after they broke up. I enjoy their music, even though I'm really more into folk-rock. Jack White is quite a character, and I love watching Meg play drums. I'm told she doesn't have much technique, but she plays with a simplicity and passion that I like. Jimmy Page is, of course, fantastic, and I always got a great deal of satisfaction from U2 and what's his name (I think his name is too pretentious to type).


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That was great! A real old-time country feel to it. No glitz, just an honest-to-God real voice, singing honest words.


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topdown wrote:
TIGLJK wrote:

I have a shirt that says " go it..... you can always get another wife "   LOL

I've had a couple of wives and own 6 or 8 guitars. Guitars are a hell of a lot cheaper... trust me!

Yep, and it doesn't take much to make a guitar happy--just a light dusting and some new strings. Plus, when she's not sounding right, all you have to do is twist her knobs--trying doing that to your wife . . . actually, that works sometimes, but usually only on the honeymoon.


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I noted a bit of hidden wordplay,

"And when she had her fill, she moved on to you."

When she had her fill of Phill, eh?


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Russell_Harding wrote:
Artie'splaying wrote:

Russell, do I remember correctly that you live up by Green Bay?

I live about 25 miles north of Milwaukee on the lake in Port Washington I was born in Green Bay smile

My college girlfriend (yeah, I basically only had one) was from Marinette.