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cj-5 wrote:

Wow, I play that way all the time. I guess I Just couldn't put it together when looking at it on paper. It's hell getting old. Thanks. I knew it was going to be something simple stupid.

Thank you for asking the question--I was perplexed by the "B" thing, too, and I bet there are a lot of other people who have gained from your question and the answer.


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I'm blocked to Beatles songs, even those you linked to, and I live in Illinois. I don't even have a British dialect sad


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lucebert wrote:

Thanks dguyton.
Is this the book?
http://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Fingers … ues+Guitar

This looks like an interesting and useful book. I went to Amazon and discovered I could buy it for my Kindle. I was almost read to purchase when I had a question about the C.D.--would it be included on the Kindle purchase?

I got the idea that it wouldn't, I was also concerned about whether any illustrations in the book would be too small to see clearly. I've purchased some non-fiction books for Kindle in which maps and pictures were so small they were useless.

Does anyone have experience buying guitar books for a Kindle?


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I guess I'm an advanced beginner, but in some areas I'm a rank beginner. Like in keeping time! I just downloaded a metronome and discovered I'm pretty bad at keeping a steady beat. I seem to be getting a little better as I practice with a metronome, but I'm still having a lot of trouble whenever the beat is in three. It's crazy! I get started ok and then, by the third or fourth iteration, I'm already off.

Need advice here. Is this a problem other people have dealt with? Got any tips for counting or otherwise getting that devilish 3 into my body?