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Hi, Having heard this piece for pipes and band, I believe it could be structured for Ukulele accompanied by kazoo. The tab and chords are relatively easy but am struggling with the 'orchestration'
Any thoughts anyone



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Greetings, I,m the ultimate with arthritic sausage fingers.
Played acoustic and twelve string when I was young and innocent (as if!)
Recently tried a suprano uke and loved it, added a tenor to my collection and loved it.
My latest addition was to convert an 8 string mandolin to an 8 string uke. Wow. New bridge, nut and strings, tuned to C , what a sound. And with my sausages I can even play it. Imagine holding down the D chord on and 8 string with two fingers. Believe me it works even with fast chord changes.
So, don,t be disheartened, we ukers are never defeated.
By the way, my name comes from my wife,s exclamation when I started out, (as in- what the chuffin ell is that noise) poor soul. I,m slowly educating her.