Thanks for the info.  I have been to the youtube site and have watched that version.  That IS the the one I am looking for.  But, even there, I am having trouble getting a good look at what he’s doing.  I think that this is actually the guy who, at one time, did a tutorial.  Not being able to find that tutorial again has me wondering if he may have had some copyright issues arising from the tutorial.

And that tab that you gave me is not working for some reason.  My screen just flashes without ever showing the tab.  Probably need to subscribe to that site to get the tab.  I think the tab may the one that is already on this site, and I plan on working on it from this tab.

The keyboard version is greek to me, not being a keyboard player, and being one of those guitar players who doesn’t read music…and, frankly too old to be interested in learning.  So, the search continues, unless I can make this tab work out anyway.  Thanks again.     

Has anyone seen a tutorial for this song?  I seem to recall seeing one on the internet once, but I’ll be darned if I can find it again.  It is a beautiful accompaniment for Lucy’s outstanding voice.  And I am having a devil of a time trying to figure it out on my own.  Any help is appreciated.



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Thanks jets60.  I found that one earlier, but wanted to get the corrected info onto Chordie, if for no other reason than for the integrity of the site,     


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Anyone notice that the version of “Guinevere” that is attributed to Lucy Kaplansky on the site is not her song?  The song listed under Kaplansky is a different song by a different artist, different lyrics, different chords.  Any way to get this remedied?