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hi guys/gals, new to this site and world of guitar really but am hooked to the point of being obsessive . Playing only few months but have made good progressbut have put enormous amount of time in. Been playing simple struming songs to 4/4 time and took ages to be able to sing along. Now im trying to learn 3/4 time and sing along and its proving impossible. Trying wit aweek now and cant convert over from the 4/4 time. Really likestarting all over again. Is this normal? any tips going to speed up progress?. I d guess that i have probably average ability for guitar playing but am super motivated and determined to learn, just cant afford lessons. Appreciate any help thanks

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alanmac 3/4 time is based on the number of beats in a bar so is 4/4 or any time signature the 3 indicates there are 3 beats in the bar the 4 indicates which kind of note recieves the beat in this case its a quarter note. 3/4 time is concidered "waltz time" the accent is on the 1st beat of the bar like ONE two three TWO two three THREE two three FOUR two three its that simple smile

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Hi alanmac872 and welcome to chordie!

Playing in a waltz style is tricky at first, but you will get it with some happy feet effort.  Waltz time is dancing music.  Try this approach:

At first, just strum the downbeat; Dum 2 3 Dum 2 3 and so on.  Get this going in your head and arms and hips and feet - I find it helpful to be standing and swaying gracefully (although some would call it lurching about).

Once you have that triple feel going, try this:
Do a quick strum on the upbeat of 3; daDum 2 3daDum 2 3daDum and so on.

Another idea is to try a 6/8 waltz time.  This is a pair of triplets and the rhythm sounds like:
"Apricots Oranges Apricots Oranges Apricot Oranges . . . . . ."
The 'A' of Apricots gets a most emphasis and the 'O' of oranges gets a lighter feel.

A good practice tune is 'Amazing Grace'.  It is actually in 3/4 time (although many performers seem to make it a march in 4/4).

Here is a songbook I put together of waltz tunes:
In 3 Waltz Gems … songid=816

I love waltz songs - keep at it, relax, and let the feel flow.
4/4 tends to be heavy & tromping - 3/4 is more graceful and tippytoe-ish.

Hope this helps,

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James hit it right on the nose (as usual).   The best way to understand 3/4 or 6/8 time signatures is to listen to someone else play them so you can understand how they feel, even if you don't fully yet understand how they fall out from a counting perspective.  Waltzes are a great place to start.

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Hate 3/4 time.

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Does that mean that you hate The Animals, "House of the Rising Sun"? Shame on you if you do lol.


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Steelstrings, lots of very good country music in 3/4 time.    latter b

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Hank Williams Sr's "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" is in 3/4 waltz time.

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3/4 time is tricky and tough to sing to.  If you listen to the Beatles Anthology Disc 2 (I think) they try and sing the song "I'll be Back" in a waltz time....and 2/3rd of the way through it, Lennon says (in time) "Its too hard to sing".  They went back and did it standard 4/4 time and it was much easier.  3/4 time does have its place....

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