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Here's something different: pick out some of your favorite musicians that you think might sound good together and make your ultimate rock band.  If the musician isn't that well known of a name, tell which band they're from.  Here's mine:

Two lead guitars: Angus Young and James Young (Styx)
Two rythym guitars: Eric Clapton and Brian May-Clapton would also be the lead acoustic player
Lead vocals: Dennis DeYoung (Styx) and Freddie Mercury
Bass: Paul McCartney
Drums: Bob Burns (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

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Hi, Pix
I love the question, but did you know that FLEETWOOD MAC in their super- blues period had 3 different guitar players, speaking about the time they were huge as blues band, before they started to be a pop band with the album RUMOURS. I am a Fleetwood lover and it is amazing to see the transformation, 100% blues --> rock group --> pop. With the album "then play on" having really great songs like ""Rattlesnake Shake", "Fighting and Searching for Madge" and the epos "Oh Well", and beautiful ballads Closing My Eyes" and "Although The Sun Is Shining", and worse, I don't know how popular they were at that time, I only know they were huge in Belgium, the Netherlands, about the USA I am not sure, but they became more and more an all american band.
Here the 3 guitar players, they all played rhythm and lead or solo.
- Peter Green
- Danny Kirwan
- Jeremy Spencer, a famous British slide guitarist back then.

If you ask my dream band's players, my answer is easy:
1) 3 guitar players.
2) 3 singers, capable to sing close harmony (see Bee Gees, Beach Boys)
3) a great bass player
4) two drummers.

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Re: Your "dream" rock band


Here's mine.

Guitars: SRV, Duane Allman and Mr. Clapton.
Bass: Nathan East.
Vocals: Mr Plant and Joss Stone.
Keybords: Paul Shaefer.
Drums: Mike Lazik (former Albert collins touring band unyil AC died) and Lavon Bell (former EW&F).

Re: Your "dream" rock band

I am going too go the same route as bootlegger,that sound like a super,super group.          dino

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