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ive recently gone and got a new electric guitar but needs restringing completely (it was an old friends who lost interest shame really) anyway i havnt bn playing long myself and am having trouble stringing it up, as everytime i do it before i can get to the right tune (eadgbe) it breaks and is getting really anoying can anyone help me please much appreciated im sure its not major im probably being blonde.

its a les paul copy unsure of the manufacturer???


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The two obvious reasons that come to mind for strings breaking are incorrect routing causing a kink or trying to tune an octave too high. As your problem might be neither of these ideas, I would suggest that you take it to your local guitar shop and ask them to re-string for you this time. I am sure if you explain your problem they will check if there is a fault with the guitar itself and show you the correct way of restringing a guitar. (After playing for nearly 40 years I only recently found that there is a correct way of fastening strings to the machine heads which helps prevent de-tuning). Sorry I cannot be of more help but it is difficult without having the guitar to hand to be more specific.

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Re: help please

thanks for your help will b sure to take it in to my nearest shop.