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Hi all,

I have finally got round to a life time ambition to learn to play an instrument - the guitar.  Two weeks in and I've learnt some chords and can strum a tune (badly).

My problem is this.  I have been lent a guitar (right handed) but I am predomiantly left handed.  I am finding my way round the chords, but very slowly.  It .seems I struggle strumming and changing chords at the same time

Should I persist, or should I bite the bullet and try to get hold of a l/h guitar (rent, buy, beg, borrow or ste... no not the last one!).  From what I have been told restringing is not a good idea, especially on an old guitar.

Your views would be very welcome.


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Jimmi Hendrix made it work.  So can you!

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It's not the restringing, it's the cutout of the body that will be a problem.  If you're a southpaw, get yourself the right tools, and have fun.

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If you're left handed you definately want to get your guitar left handed too. On acoustics with no cutaway you could simply flip it and put the string on in reverse but most bridges these days will be set r/h or l/h so the intonation will be off. Some crude early acoustics had simplistic bridges that would work both ways but I not seen this sort of instrument for decades.

Left hand guitars used to command a premium several decades ago but now you can pick up a decent one for a good price. In fact the left hand guitars you'll see will be from committed firms doing a good product rather than me-too outifts.

Hendrix played a right-hand guitar restrung but he was an eccentric genius god. His way is unlikely the best start fort a beginner...

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Re: On doing two things at once

He could also buy an LPS style (double cut away gibson les paul) turn the tune-o-matic bridge around and put a new nut on the neck.  But then your volume and tone knobs would be where you forearm rests on the body.  Search the web for left hand guitars in your price range.

Good luck.


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Follow this URL

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It is Air Supply performing All Out Of Love and Graham Russell who is left handed is playing a right handed guitar without any modification. There are some close ups of his right hand and as his stringing is effectively in reverse order it is fascinating to watch him play. As he was born in my home town of Nottingham in 1950 when left handed guitars were not available I assume that this was the way he learnt to play.

I am not suggesting that you try to emulate him as left handed guitars are available but I though it might be of interest. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif" border=0 alt="Smile">


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Life as a guitarist is much more accomodating to the right-handed guitarist but ultimately you have to do what feels most comfortable to you. Here's a link that will satisfy your left-handed guitar cravings;

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All good answers, however..... You said you can play right handed although not so well just yet - you also say you just learned and are predominantly left handed. Could it be that you're somewhat ambidextrous and, although it may be a little more challenging, if you do persist you could play right handed?

Just a thought. If you can do it right handed - bearing in mind that the guitar world caters mainly to right handed players - it might be worth you while to stick with it right handed.

Either way - good luck!