Topic: Strumming Pattern Video's

Here are the videos made by wlbaye demonstrating strumming patterns which I have made a 'Sticky' so that they are available for easy reference.

Zurf or I will add any more that you would like to recommend.

Basic country strum pattern -

Basic walk ups and downs -

Key of D Bass Walks -

'For What It's Worth' -

'Blowing In The Wind' picking pattern -

'Tom Dooley' strum pattern -

Knockin on Heavens Door' strum pattern -               

GuitarPix has now published the Ultimate Beginners Songbook several have videos of strumming patterns and more are to be added later: … gid=191936

Please do not add messages to this 'Sticky' other than links for video's. I am leaving it open solely for the purpose of having somewhere to add your recommendations. When the link is added the message will be deleted.

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