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Topic: Hosting songs?

Hi fellow chordians.

                              Is there a "sticky" or thread on how to -

1. host songs externally. ie Websites etc

2.  And in what  Format it should be to suit chordie? (composed in word/ notepad ?)

I have now a  Song adapted (credit goes to Kaj) for me and would like to share it

cheers Micky cool

cool Dont Stop Kid Keep Rockin'  !! cool

Re: Hosting songs?

you would have to either create your own website and host your own songs or go the easy route and put them on an existing guitar website.
If it is your own song it might be a bit hard to put a song that no one knows onto a website.

the songs for chordie are in chopro. If you read here http://www.chordie.com/addurl.php this tell you how to add songs to chordie and what sort of files that chordie likes them to be in,.

Also here http://www.chordie.com/faq.php it tells you a lot more


ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending