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Hi Fellow Chordians!

                               I was wondering, if it would be worth investing in something that would give a little beat/ Rhythm  in the background as i play?

Any advice on equipment needed.. not too expensive mind !( don't want it ending up at the back of a cupboard ) I am sure ave seen somewhere a box that you can channels etc for different speeds ..or ave i been dreaming again.

Cheers Micky cool

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Re: Drum rhythm etc

NO, backing tracks in a live setting are lame. You'll fool most of the general public but the "real" musicians will "pfft" you and tell all of their friends.  Milli Vanilli, Ashley Simpson and Kenny Chesney
tried this and it turned out bad, real bad.

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Re: Drum rhythm etc

Erm? isnt that the same as playing along with the song track?

I mean, am not playing gigs or busking, it was just some beat in the back ground to play along with,rather than playing a song track.
My intention was to setup different speeds (if thats what you'd call it) forgive my ignorance for non techno knowledge ...for different styles of music if that was possible? sad

Ps: maybe some sort of Recording / mixing software  to make Audio tracks even?
Cos am certainly not out to impress anyone lol

Cheers micky

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Re: Drum rhythm etc

Micky I think there are some sites online that have rhythm tracks and you can download them and make a CD of them with windows media player and pop them in when you want to have something to play along with or just jam online if your PC has speakers smile

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Re: Drum rhythm etc

Just a quick reply...I did a google search came up with a program  / software called
"Band in a Box" had a quick gander at it  seems might do the job.

i used one of its preset country midi file and played along with it One thing i did notice it helped me with keeping a rhythm & strumming...early days still  so i'l keep on fiddling wiv the knobs
see what it can do,

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Re: Drum rhythm etc

I have and use 'Band-In-A-Box'. It is a very user friendly programme and the latest versions use actual drum and instrument recordings instead of synthesised ones and thousand of styles to choose from. It is great for learning to play in strict tempo and how to play with others when there are other musicians around to play with.


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Re: Drum rhythm etc


I have the DigiTech RP-90 effect pedal, which is a practice tool that lets you emulate a lot of amp sounds and pedal effects.  I only play as a hobby, still learning, (hope to move on to the second string soon).  Any way my point, it has a built in drum machine, 40 rhythms that you can vary the tempo and volume.  I find it great to practice with.  You can find them for about $90.