I wish all who celebrate this holiday a happy Easter,I will be dinning on glazed ham and yams and some pumpkin pie with a dollop or two of my favorite ice cream,and special prayers go out to Old Doll (Lena) for her brother who is in the hospital with a serious condition may you and your family find comfort and peace.

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May i also send the same sentiments for Old Doll  & her Family,

as for Easter its a "killer" for us diabetic's all that chocolate Grrrrrrrrr, i feel like
Bob Cratchet's son Tiny Tim looking into the toy shop window at Christmas lol

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cool Dont Stop Kid Keep Rockin'  !! cool


For Lena and her family, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Happy Easter to all that celebrate this day.


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Happy Easter, positive thoughts and prayers for Lena and family.


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Happy Easter everyone. My prayers are especially directed towards Helena and her family at this time.


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A belated Easter greeting to all Chordians...
and to lena and family my best wishes.


I will pray for Old Doll's family, most especially her brother.  Thanks for the heads up on that Russell.

As far as Easter, it was happy and I thank you for the thoughts.  As far as I'm concerned, Easter is the big one.  It's the events of Easter that you either believe he rose from the dead as he said he would or you don't.  Jesus was either divine and the sacrifice that restores sinful persons to the Lord's community, or he was a nice guy who made powerful enemies.  It all comes down to the one event.  And that event is what we celebrate at Easter. 

Whether or not you are a believer, I hope for nothing but the best for each of you and further hope that you had a good Easter day, even though my wishes are belated.  (Some may say a day late and a dollar short, but that's nothing new for me.)

- Zurf

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Hi Lena,  My thoughts and well wishes are with you and your family.  All the best.


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