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But won't the bugs be even bigger in Scotland ? With all that Irn Bru and square sausages you feed them over there!

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upyerkilt wrote:
alvee33 wrote:
bud_wiser wrote:

Nice work fellas....this could be an point of inspiration for all. I'm thinking there needs to be a Scottish equivalent set up some day.....until the International event gets scheduled anyway.


interesting it is.

Paisley, Balloch, Al in kilbrachin? johnston? somewhere near there?
so a radius within 20 odd miles.
not impossible


I do like a wee trip to Balloch big_smile

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Zurf wrote:

Saturdays August 15 and 22 look like the best dates right now.  Pencil them in.

I'll see what I can do about getting better video equipment for the next rendition.  Dm has made a good suggestion in that regard.  Some electric may be in order, possibly even a mixer.  I'll see what I can do.  A good buddy of mine likes having jamms at his house because he plays drums (loudly). 

- Zurf

I'll pencil those dates in and keep em open.
Good egg on the indoors for next time....I can't stand bugs. They'd be alright if they didn't have to fly in your face or buzz in your ears...


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