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Topic: help/advice?

hi  Fellow Chordians

i think i have a problem with my guitar, well the amp i think?

it has a "shadow" brand pre amp on my electro acoustic guitar, i tried to tune my guitar via the chromatic tuner on my zoom a2.1u box and it didnt work (looked like it wasnt picking up the guitar)so i tried my tanglwood semi acoustic and it worked fine.
reet gettting back to the problem... i put in a new battery,power light not lit up? come to think of it, its never lit up yikes ,(lead plugged in)
zoom chromatic tuner dont reconize it?... took out the pre amp fiddled with the jack plug in back and the little power light flickered? Help!!!
1 i take it when the lead is plugged in to the guitar, the power light suposed to be lit?.. the lead to amp  zoom box etc? cos it aint lit anytime.

its deffinetly not the zoom chromatic tuner  as ave said it worked fine on my tanglewood.

any ideas lads & lasses?

ohhh ave been using a clip on tuner since i bought this guitar so never ran a tuner through the  pre amp

cheers micky cool

cool Dont Stop Kid Keep Rockin'  !! cool

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Re: help/advice?

UPDATE  visited the shop,and because it "played" through the Amp was told "nowt wrong wiv it"...went home NOT satisfied so i phoned a   Distribution Company for Vintage guitars, which turned out to be Vintage themselves lol
got through to Tech guy sounds like a "low signal" send it back we`l fix it

So its off back to the shop the morn
a lot of hoo haaa ower nowt yer might think?? nope moneys, money am not paying just short of £200 fer summat that part works

thats me rant fer the day big_smile

Micky cool

cool Dont Stop Kid Keep Rockin'  !! cool