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Topic: Goose Creek Symphony

Some of you may remember asking if anyone had hear of Goose Creek Symphony, Well I wanted to give anyone who's interested a chance to hear "Charlie Gearheart" he's the front man for Goose Creek in this song he's the guy in the middle, the other two guys are not in Goose Creek, but I hope you'll enjoy the song, It was first recorded in the 70's by Charlie but it was never released until about a year ago. He was looking through his closet as I understand and found the tapes and decided to  re-record them and release them, anyway here it is

    Cam                     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSjOYRBEc58

More from Goose Creek   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwevwRDMiNg





                                       Here are some from "Myspace, make sure to listen to "Gearheart and God

                                        Guitars and Fiddles Playin

                                         Welcome to Goose Creek

                                           Whupin it

                                            Charlie's Tune

                                             Uncle Pen

                                             Right Track

   I've seen this band and Charlie Geaheart maybe 70 times over the years, always loved them , back into my teens , they're actually doing a few dates now mostly in Kentucky and Virginia and Tennessee. At the myspace songs that I've listed just go to "myspace" click on music then type in Goose creek symphony and 3 of their albums are to the left, click on one and listen, they have many more albums on with the song called "Goin Home" great song, again I hope you enjoy, I love many styles of music but Goos Creek is one of my favorites


    Enjoy  Cam

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