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Looking for advice on these guitars, I,m looking to replace my Stagg jazzer with one of the Artcore series . Which one of the cheaper models is a good buy , I,m mainly a strummer player with some melody thrown in .

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I do not own an Artcore but researched them recently as they seem like a good deal and I too was loooking for a jazz style guitar. It's a strange model with respect to reviews. The reviews are all over the place; some folks love them some folks hate them. I've seen reviews that are extremely negative and glowing....strange. What I discerned from that was there may be a quality issue in that some turn out great others not so much. My only advice is make sure you play it before you buy it. I know there are some chordians that own this guitar (maybe Guitarpix???) so hopefully they'll chime in. I'd just be careful about buying one on line (as is always the case).

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Re: Ibanez Artcore

I have an Artcore AS83VV and only have good things to say about it... Here's pics of the model I've got A friend of mine bought one after playing mine... He bought the deeper body version (not sure of the model #, AS7????) It's a good guitar but not quite  like the AS83, Still a decent guitar for the money he invested though. To be honest, I'm not much of an electric player, so I may not be the best person to evaluate electric guitars. However, the people/friends that have played it, all agreed that it was a great guitar for the price point. -Pix

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Re: Ibanez Artcore

Me, I own a Artcore AF75 and have no problems with it. I gave around $400.00 for it, a amp and hardcase about 4 years ago. The only problem I've had with it was that I kept breaking the G string. After I finally had it professionally set-up that went away and it plays great. Low action, extra lite strings and it is all so easy to play. I've had others play it who are way better musicians than I am and they have said it play really well and sounds good, too. If I ever do anything else with this guitar it would be to change out the pick-ups. I play rythem guitar, with the groups I play with and find myself going to my electric / acoustic more and more. In my opinion this is a good guitar for the $$$$$ but as with any "over the counter" purchase, a proper set-up will only improve the playability.


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I,ll let you all know when I get delivery of it, two weeks I think.