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Rose Coloured Glasses

By Phill Williams. 24/07/09.

It's been a long sunny summer.
It's been just great to be alive.
Global warming has been halted.
The recession has been survived.

All the terrorists threw down their guns.
And wars are in the past.
Everybody in the world.
Has a job and self-respect at last.

Swine flu never jumped the gap.
No humans got it and died.
No kids got in a stolen car.
And took it for a ride.

Paedophiles and rapists.
Wife beaters, riot gangs.
Knife killers, school bullies.
Satanic worship, all got banned.

But just like Bobby Ewing.
Came from the shower, in Pam's dream.
I'm afraid this was all my imagination.
But how I wish it had all been.

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Re: Rose Coloured Glasses

Phil, I'm so happy your writer's block is gone!  Was wondering where you'd been.

really like this... very fitting title!  It's no wonder we've all got so much stress in our lives!  Love the reference to "Dallas"....... showing your age... (and mine)!

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Nice poem Phill, yesterday on the news there was one account of death here in Canada from
swine flu.  May want to change that one line. Good to see your writer's block is gone.

Take care ..   Badeye   cool

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Re: Rose Coloured Glasses

thanks guys,

i was feeling a little taciturn when i penned this. it's a bit of sarcasm as everything from the summer to the recession has been one big washout here in the uk at least! we still have terrorists, global warming, paedophiles etc...the world is sick and the human race is the virus.

talking of which, i've just heard that in my home town [llanelli] there are over 1000 cases of swine flu, [it's a small town] i haven't heard of any deaths lets pray there wont be any more world wide


Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

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"Rose Coloured Glasses"

Round Lennon-like ones !

I was shocked that they were estimating 23,000 additional deaths from swine flu in the UK. Then some doctor said that the last time we had a flu epidemic (1998 ?!!!!) there were some 21,00 additional deaths.

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