Topic: Acoustic tone change

I bought a solid top Takamine back at the start of the year after playing a laminate for a few years. The tone of the solid is really good for the first hour of playing then it gets a dull "airy" tone. Is this normal for solid wood tops or could it be the pick up? It sounds like it's out of tune but when everything is checked it is in tune. Could it be that the wood is expanding to the warmth of playing and getting that "Airy" tone making it sound this way? Maybe i just got a bad one???

Re: Acoustic tone change

It's more likely that your strings are warming with playing not the top. If it's the pickup then you won't notice the dull airiness when the amp is turned off.

Before you label your Takamine 'a bad one' have it looked at by a good guitar store. A full setup can check things like the truss rod, saddle pins, tuners and intonation. A good setup can breath fresh life into most guitars.

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