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Topic: Killerbanjo (Old time banjo)

I got a new myspace and wonderd if anyone wanted a look and hear what Old Time is if you have never heard of it, sorry if it is in the wrong section.

Killerbanjo's Myspace


Oh yes, and i made the theme and all the custom content like the contact box.

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Very Cool Ed - I dig your old time banjo!

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Nice work on that banjo edward brings to mind a campfire on a wagon train smile

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Thanks guys

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Fantastic !   I would love to play with you, I sure do admire young folks for going bluegrass or old time. It is very refreshing.

Later, Wayne P

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Thanks Wayne

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Hey Ed, there sure is some fine banjo frailing up there on your MySpace - great work!

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I'm going to refrain from all Deliverance jokes because that impressed the heck out of me.

Fantastic, young man.

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Hi Ed
Really like the sound of the ole Banjo....
Well played young man

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Pick that thang, Ed.  Great job.  Keep up the good work.

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Real Sweet Playing BanjoEds.
Love that old time playing...Keep at it. smile

P.S. In the recording section there is a sticky for anyone who wants to volunteer their musical ability and instrument on collaborations. Check it out and hopefully sign up cause there's lots of room for a good banjo player. big_smile

Oh Yeah.....Welcome to Chordie, lots of great people, advice and banter going on here so don't be afraid to join in.


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Ha BanjoEds. Dynnargh dhe Chordie! cool

Splann! Bryntyn!

Bramm an gath, you've impressed the wotsit out of me!!!

Any chance of comin this way? I'm only next county but one.

Rude question, but I couldn't see on your site so forgive me for asking - how old are you?

Only passed thru Mousehole; Looe, Fowey, Mevagissy, Liskard more familiar to me.

Oh, did I comment on your playing? - Marthys!!! cool

Gans pup bollonjeth oll da ha gwitha seni an Banjo!

(I'm off to listen to Horse and Buggy 'gain)

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