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is there anyone here that is from the lansing michigan area that would like to get together and just play some music.. i have been playing for about 7 years and really like country, and some rock.. i dont wanna start a band just wanting some people to play guitar with.. maybe teach me something and maybe learn something from me.. if intrested holla back at me..


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Get down to Elderly Instruments, I think it's on Capital, and check out the bulletin board.  Plus all the super-cool guitars and stuff.  This Pennsylvania boy (by way of Virginia) was exiled for a couple years in Holt.  Going to Elderly Instruments was something I'd hold out as a treat.  It used to be on the bus route, and probably still is. 

If there are any open jamms in the area (and there have got to be with MSU right there), they'll know about them at Elderly. 

Dress warm.  We joked when we lived there that there are only two seasons: winter and the 4th of July. 

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Re: looking to jam

also check out folkjam,org for postings in your area i am over by greenville mi we play every sat at the winter inn open jam and friday at bert's barn both jams are year round closed two weekends every year buttwheat jam in july and wheatland in sept love to have you show up

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