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Maybe Doc would know something about this: the relation of musical and artistic ability...

  I remember one time when I was a kid in sunday school that I was drawing a picture of an elephant, which was apparently pretty good for my age,  and my teacher said 'I bet you're a musician too'. Slightly stunned, I told her I played piano and a little bit of clarinet. She acted like she knew just because of the fact that I could draw.
So I guess my question is, is  there a common "source" (like which 'side of your brain' you use most, or something like that) between art and music? I've heard other people talk about this, something about how people with mechanical skills like drawing have good hand eye coordination, which applies to both art and music, or "creative" people use certain parts of their brains more actively and both music and art fall under that category.
I realize of course that there must be perfectly good musicians who can't paint, or vice verce. So what do you guys think?? And just out of curiosity, what other kind of "artistic" hobbies might some of yall have outside music?

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I'm not sure about "proving that" and I looked briefly to see if there was something to that effect, tho nothing popped up at me.  I personally have always thought they go hand in hand.  But, I have been proven wrong by a few people.  Of course, I've heard some awesome guitar players that couldn't sing in tune too!  My ex-husband can draw fairly well, but can't hold a tune to save his life.  My dad is a decent guitar player and can sing, but he can't draw a stick figure!  My husband and I are both pretty decent when it comes to music and other art forms.  He can draw like there's no tomorrow, has a small tattoo shop, and has done a LOT of airbrush painting on motorcycles, helmets, and snowmobiles.  I can draw alright, I'm a cosmetologist and hair color is more my thing than others (which includes comprehending the color wheel and what will and won't work well together, placement of color, etc).  So I guess for some it's common, but not necessarily a gurantee!

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That explains why I struggle to learn things on guitar.  I can't draw for nothing.

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Ha Lilwing!

There's another thread here for artist musicians. I can kick things off with the Stones' Ronnie Wood!

I had being playing for over 20 years when I went to Art College to learn how to draw and paint. When I started I was ashamed to put my pictures up alongside everyone elses. It wasn't long before I wasn't!

And I take a fairly mean photo too! And I got an 'A' for my acting at the same time on another course (but is this related to performace?)

Definite connection; good question!


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I think some people have an "artistic bent."  Maybe it does have to do with right brain/left brain.  I don't know.  I do know that for those who are drawn to art (oops, didn't mean that pun), that they tend to appreciate it in various ways.  My mother sang well and played a little piano, and was a tremendously talented quilter.  My father has an appreciation for music, though he doesn't perform any, and he is gifted in both flat and sculpted art.  My sister is a professional freelance artist and also plays guitar and banjo and mountain dulcimer and harmonica.  So, I guess there seems to be some sort of connection.  Like bensonp, I seem to be equally talented at guitar and drawing...

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I also enjoy oil painting and especially chess because there is a creative quality in both most people draw objects with hard lines I find the balance of dark and light produce the image so I usually sketch a reverse negative sort of like a slide and the image seems to appear like magic I use the same technique with oils,chess is a very creative output there are millions of combinations and you must envision what a position will look like after so many possible moves in just one variation for a combination to come out with an advantage to you so I enjoy any creative art be it music or another expression of your mind smile

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There are quite a few musicians that are gifted artists.
And I think I could bring Syd Barrett ( founder member and songwirter for the pink floyd)into every topic,lol.
He was an an excellent painter as well as a genius of a musician.

My wife is very good at drawing/painting and good on the violin,piano and mandolin and can also finger pick very good on the guitar. My daughter is a good drawer and she is picking up the violin and flute very well.

Roger waters from.... yep...Pink floyd also sketches.

I think phil collins is also a drawer/painter

tyla from Dogs D'amour too a superb cartoonist

there may be something in this but I am crap at drawing and painting unless it is painting a wall.


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I have read that those with more artistic abilities often carry "leadership" qualities as well.  "Gifted and Talented" programs in school come to mind, as they'd take the gifted and talented and try to encourage their leadership skills (at the time, I didn't comprehend what my talents had to do with leadership).  Sooo... other than the mods on here (cuz right there is the obvious leadership quality you hold!) how many musicians also carry on leadership roles?  Parents of course... but in other places?  I was an assistant union steward and trainer when I worked in customer service.  In cosmetology school I was the one teachers sent the new students to talk to and also the one that the teachers called upon to literally run the class when they were running late.  The teachers have remained my "friends" and still occasionally call me in to help teach a class.  My father was also heavily involved in his union.  My husband is not involved in his union too much, however he is often hired for jobs as a foreman not just another worker bee.

Art and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder.
What constitutes excellent music is in the ears of the listener.