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Topic: Guitar to Electric Ukulele?

I've been playing ukulele for a while and I made the mistake of purchasing a cheap, acoustic-only model. It's great for playing on my own, but in a band setting it gets drowned out far too easily. I found my old Squier Mini Stratocaster while rummaging around in my parents' basement and I had the crazy idea to only use the top four strings and tune them up to GCAE as if it was a Tenor Ukulele. This would be so I could play what is essentially an amplified ukulele without having to use a capo and deal with the E and A strings of a regular guitar.

Would there be any plausible ways to achieve this, or should I stick with the capo?

Re: Guitar to Electric Ukulele?

I would stick with the capo, I don't think the strings or the neck could stand the stress of being tuned that high.

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