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Putting together a list of songs that are E A and D chords. popular songs by popular artist. nothing too obscure. maybe with one other chord in the bridge or something but not in the main rythem. In the same key as the recording so that you can play along with the recording. Have Gloria, louie louie, and about five from Buddy Holly. Would like to see some more modern songs though. Its for a nine year old little girl so no sex and drugs. Gloria is about as far as I want to go there.

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r o c k in the usa - john mellencamp
ramblin gamblin man - bob seger
what i like about you- the romantics
cherry cherry - neil diamond

Go WINGS..and Tigers,Lions and Reading F.C...C'mon Royals

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another fun neil diamond, though it's not recent-Thank the Lord for the Night time

another poster mentioned Cherry Cherry

both fun and easy to play, and also up tempo (ballads are nice but they get old if that's all you got)

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forgot to mention The Last Time by the Stones

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Leaving on a Jet Plane - John Denver … ranspose=0

Although, there's a lot of picking in the original... I think one could still play along with this.  This was my first song... easy tempo... easy to strum just about any way you want (but the strum pattern is in the song too).

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