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Here's a question I haven't seen in a forum yet...

Is there a software out there that will allow you to reverse engineer a chord so that it fits with Chordie?

I regularly go to the Chordfind site, I've downloaded Kordz and the D'Accord Chord Generator, but these resources often return a chord solution that does not reflect Chordie's chords, the result being that when I edit a song and type my chord fingerings into one of these resources, the name they give me does not correspond to what Chordie shows for a chord diagram.

I always end up having to make up a name for the chord (Gb3 for 320033) and lose out on having Chordie generate an accurate chord diagram.

I'd be willing to bet I'm not the only person who runs into this, so if anyone knows of a fully Chordie compliant chord generator, I'd love to have it!



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If you have a PDA, I highly recommend Pocket Guitar. It not only allows you to search by chord name, but you can tap the strings w/ a stylus to not only find the name for chords you create but it even allows you to strum the chords to hear what they sound like. This is especially useful when you have no guitar handy and your trying to experiment w/ new progressions, which btw you can also save. As if this wasn't enough, It also allows you to display just about every scale and mode known to man! Oh and if you tap play, you can hear what these sound like as well. Play mode comes in Acoustic, electric, and distortion. Truely the best $24 US I have ever spent.

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I've got DMM (Digital Music Mentor) it will load and analyse .wav and .mp3 songs straight off CD's.
It costs US$49.95, I bought it through PayPal.

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