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Topic: A Poem; Ode to becoming Aged by Jim Jenkins

Ode to Becoming Aged

I never used to think about the day when I would get older.
I didn’t worry if the weather was going to be hot or it was colder.
I listened to music on the radio, but never watched the news.
My time became so precious, I had to organize and choose,
between all the things I wanted to do; but rarely had the time,
as I tried hard to get all of it done; while I was in my prime.
I raised my kids, worked my job and then I could retire.
There’s so much life for you to live before that you expire.
The years flew by so quickly and my age began to show.
I looked around one day and wondered: where did they all go?

My skin had developed wrinkles and I had lost my full head of hair.
People had to start helping me when I got up from a chair.
I had lost the spring I had in my step, so now I could only creep.
I couldn’t get up if I fell down; I couldn’t go to or stay asleep.
I recalled when I was younger, I liked things that gave me quite a thrill,
but as I aged and wanted to have sex, I needed a little blue pill.
All the trips to the bathroom became an experience for me,
as my prostrate swelled and got so big that I could hardly pee.
I took Rolaids for my upset stomach; to see I had to use drops;
to hear; I played my TV so loud, neighbors complained to cops.

It’s hell to get old and suffer with all the afflictions that it brings.
People say I’m grouchy and I can’t remember things.
I raise hell with everybody, even kids walking across my yard.
The little things that I did easily before, they all became so hard.
Although sometimes my memory failed me and my wits were not as keen,
I made my points, debating; about what I thought I’d heard or seen.
I had become so hard to deal with, and from what everyone was saying,
it’s not a question of when, but where, they say that I’ll be staying.
I guess getting older isn’t easy, especially on all my family and friends.
If my behavior drives them all away, who’ll change my Depends?

I didn’t want to become a problem for anybody to deal with in their life.
It’s just that getting older; and its effects; has created all this strife.
I never wanted to become a pain, to have these ravings and these rants.
Nobody ever wants to hear; what’s that smell; did you fill your pants?
When something like this has happened, you just want it to be over;
to be laid to rest where you will ultimately be, underneath the clover.
But when I’m lucid, I have thoughts about it; it makes me pretty sad;
that my life has come full circle from when I was a younger dad.
For now they have their family to worry about and do not need my whine,
It’s just that I used to change their diapers, now their changing mine.

Find a Path or Make One    This is a motto I have been following my entire life and one I am currently using with my music.
Big Jim from Ashville Ohio

Re: A Poem; Ode to becoming Aged by Jim Jenkins

Bass Viking

lol lol lol i love it sir. Made me laugh right through  reading it.

This piece clarifies one thing about you. There is nothing wrong with your mind sir"

Ceád Mile Fáilte to Chordie.

Old Doll.

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Re: A Poem; Ode to becoming Aged by Jim Jenkins

Mr. Viking, this piece of writing is fantastic!  Yes, it made me laugh, but it also made me cry.  If we're all lucky enough to watch our children have children, I'd say it's been a life well lived.  True all the other stuff that goes along with aging sucks; clearly your sense of humor is not impaired!

The only thing that keeps me going as I age is the thought that I'm not as old as I'm going to be! (hopefully!)  Be well! ~T-Rex

Re: A Poem; Ode to becoming Aged by Jim Jenkins

Hilarious writing, but also very telling. I'm 62 and doing my very best not to age another minute after reading this excellent piece.

Keep on Rocking and remember Animals Feel Pain Too.