Topic: Big Thanks to Wlbaye

Hi Wayne,

  Just wanted you to know that your package arrived and I especially wanted you to know how much I appreciated it. The thumb picks were something I hadn't bought yet for myself but had been wanting some to try. The scale sheets will come in handy as well, that-along with the backing tracks and I loved the Martin Logo on the wood. Thanks again for sending them they are much appreciated and will be very useful. It's great having such good friends on here, where we all have music as a common intrest that ties us all together.


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Re: Big Thanks to Wlbaye

Isn't he just the best?  I wish I could send him some homemade cinnamon buns or something to show my appreciation, but I don't think they'd be so good when they finally got to him!  LOL!  a HUGE ((HUG)) across the internet to Wayne!  He's so good to us!

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