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A while back in high school this foreign exchange students asked me if I wanted to teach him some guitar. The only Problem was.....He was missing a left hand : /
frankly I really didn't know what to say, but I thought about about it and I realized there may be couple of things I could show him

(although the whole time i was thinking to myself, "I can help you with the strumming but the chords are going to be a little tough...." I didn't actually say that to him)

So I said yes. He kind of had a wrist on his left hand so I figured I could just show him some bar chords he could play in drop tunings and then maybe I'd show him how play single notes... Later on I found out he had a left handed guitar (not really, he just switched the strings).

Doses anyone else have any super random guitar stories?

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Re: Very Interesting story....

How about the end of the story?  Were you able to teach him, and how well did he play by strumming with the stub portion of his left hand?  How did things go?  You've intrigued me and then left me hanging!  smile

BTW... welcome to the forum!

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Re: Very Interesting story....

Yes, I don't see how he would have a problem playing left handed.  Actually, I hadn't thought of that approach until you mentioned it.  Duh!  Let us know how he is doing.

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Re: Very Interesting story....

I actually met the guy in my choir class and somehow it got around to him that I played guitar. Turned out that there was a day in choir where we all turned in our music and after that we got to just sit around.

So after I finished with that I went into a practice room to play guitar, So ha came in and asked me a few general questions. That's when I found out he didn't really want me to teach him guitar. He really just wanted to see me play and he wanted to ask me how I got as good as I had gotten (personally I'm not sure where I'm exactly at)

but it was cool I showed him a couple of fairly simple patterns like power chords and he told me he was taking a guitar class in school (this was actually the same guitar class that got me really playing guitar in the first place, so I figured he'd be in good hands.)

oh, and his name wasn't andy, it was some Russian name, I-man is how you'd pronounce it, I'm not to sure how to spell it though.

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