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Hi all,

Ok, when you want something on Ebay do you place a bid when it still has days left or wait until the last minute? I ask because it really bugs me that people bid when there is lots of time left. All it does is make the price go up. If nobody bid until the last few seconds then things would be way cheaper. It all comes down to a bidding war at the 10 second mark anyway. I understand that an auction can be ended at any time, no bids could cause this to happen. But I think the majority of people let their auctions run the duration.

Anyway that's my 2 cents.

What are your thoughts?

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Keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Bidding on Ebay

2 cents? ......i bid 4Cents...... errm wot am i bidding on? big_smile

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Re: Bidding on Ebay

I don't do Ebay since they force you to use PayPal but I used to bid a little lower than my max and then check right before the auction was over.If I was out bid and I really wanted it I would bid again.

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Re: Bidding on Ebay

I don't think it would be cheaper - I just think the price would escalate a lot faster at the end. 

Sometimes the last minute bids don't get in on time.  I lost out on a great kayak that way last week.  Some lucky person got the darned thing for $96. 

- Zurf

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Re: Bidding on Ebay


My son buys great fishing gear on ebay.  He does have the patience to bide the time untill the last few seconds to bid if something is priced so low. Usually at the weekends when he has the time to do so.
He also recently purchased a CONNOISSEUR FLY TYING KIT
for very litttle .  [ A great hobby of his] I dont buy to much from ebay, but if i see something id  like i usually email the seller to ask for there best  price directly to me. I cannot be bothered with the bidding stuff.
If you  bid on something much higher then the last person,, ebay will only bid in small amounts for you.. untill it reaches your top bid.
As fpr paypal ! I wouldnt use anything else, its sooooooooo safe to use.

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Re: Bidding on Ebay

I haven't used ebay in a while, but I was selling a lot of stuff on there at one point... and bought some stuff too of course!  I generally would bid a very small amount... let others think they were winning it, then on the last day bid my full amount and leave it be until it was over... not even look at it till it was done.  I didn't want to get into a bidding war and spend more than I really wanted to!  I'd just let ebay up it automatically for me.  So, for that reason, I would not bid at the last second.  Like Zurf, I think sometimes the last second bids don't get in too.  That's a big part of ebay and the bidding... it turns into a test of "winning" and people spend a bit more than they really want to, cuz it's not just about the item in the end.  LOL! 

I do also like paypal.  I was a little annoyed when ebay and paypal became ONE... but... I still use paypal even tho I'm not using ebay all the time.  Like google... it's still a good company IMO.  I've used paypal to accept money on my websites and to send money to people that are out of town, on occasion, when a check will take too long.  I have a credit card machine (merchant account) for my business... but accepting money thru paypal online for gift certificates is still easier (and cheaper) than implementing a secure webpage online to accept their credit card info.

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