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I just did a couple John Prine covers and thought the recordings turned out ok. I was trying with a condensor mic and got frustrated and plugged in to my Ultralight Acoustasonic and come out the back of it into a mixer then into Audacity. I used a small amount of reverb on guitar and vocal

Hello in There

Sam Stone … re=channel

Later, Wayne P

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Hey wlbaye, that's some good stuff. I love the sound that comes out of those Martin guitars,,,there's not a better sounding axe on the planet IMHO smile

Oh yeah I almost forgot, what is going on with the condenser mic?

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2 of my favorite Prine tunes. Funny, I play Hello capo'd 2 (or 3), you play open, I play Sam Stone open, you play capo 3.

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Thanks Fatstrings,

I can get the guitar pretty good but the vocals aren't working with the condensor. I think alot has to do with my room and Lizzie says "No Foam On the Walls that's where I Draw The Line."

Tops, I was tuned down a half step for "Hello in There"  and I can't remember if I was in standard tuning for Sam Stone ,
I guess it doesn't matter a half step off is better than being a half a bubble off smile

I played " Hello in There " for years  in the key of D and when I would hear it done with the G Am D7  I thought my way of playing just didn't transpose well. So started playing it the way most folks do and how John does it now. It was hard getting it down after playing it so long in another key. I have played it Capo 1 and Capo 2 and No Capo for awhile now and about a month ago I started tuning down a half step.

Later, Wayne P

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Well, they sounded good to me, wlbaye.  You're right on the half a bubble off, but we all know some.

You can see all my video covers on [url][/url]
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Wlbaye, just watched Hello...... and thought it to be the perfect type of song for your voice and playing. Really good!

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Sooooo Good Wlbaye,

Enough to make this old Doll foget her flu symptons for a while.
There both an absolute pleasure to listen to sir.

I left a comment for you also.

Old Doll.

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Hey Thanks Papa

Thanks Benson

Thanks Old Doll,

I hope you shake the nasty flu symtoms, a heard an old Dutch line, I think it goes like this,

" Some tea with Whiskey keeps away the Dew "

Later, Wayne P

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I just now caught theses and at the risk of bringing up an old thread I have to say well done indeed. JP totally changed my perspective on music. I went from playing punk rock to throwing away all my picks and getting an acoustic. You do John Prine better then John Prine does John Prine!

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Thanks Selso,

That's a very nice compliment, but John Prine is really something special and better guitar player than I'll ever be. I just love to play his songs and it's up to us  folk players to keep his great music alive.

Hopefully you'll be playing his songs for the next 40 yrs and maybe your kids will be playin them  the next generation smile

Later, Wayne P