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I have had a text message from Lieven this evening which he has asked me to pass on to you.

He will not be around on Chordie for a while as he is back in hospital with 4 broken ribs and is awaiting surgery for nerve entrapment in his elbow which is curtailing his ability to play.


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We all wish him well.

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Thanks Rodger,

  Doc, here's wishing you well, we will miss you while your down, looking forward to you getting back.


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Thanks Roger... I noticed it seemed rather quiet around here lately w/o the Doc...

Get better soon Doc, look forward to seeing you back on the boards

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Sorry to hear that , how did he manage to damage his ribs ?

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Get well soon Doc

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Wishing you well soon Doc.

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When you are reading this you will be on the mend.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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All the very best, Doc, get well soon!

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