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This piece is about  what happened to me about 100 years ago now lol Actually late sixties with my first love. All say Aaah !!
Thank You" It took me a long time to renew my vitality for life and love, Life has a way of scullhauling ones head back to reality.
I still have the locket and he did give it me on Valentines day.

The Locket.

A locket in my jewellery, possesses memories
2 photos, black and white, both of you and me
Heart shapes, signs of love, golden symmetry,
Filigree of   deception, you gave them lovingly.

A multi coloured legend, you were in youthful days
Carnaby clad, blonde, a DJ’s attractive ways
Your music was so hip we danced the nights away
Every girl wanted you, to make her yours one day.

You left the stage one night, asked me out to dance
The Trogg’s “with a girl like you, started our romance
Surprised, but i was nervous, with looks of jealous death
Said, “You loved my smile and   kissable minty breath.

We’d scour the music shops for the latest vinyl hits
Wearing Miniskirts with platforms, and you bell bottom suits
You sang songs, wrote me poetry, a formula for love
Talked and laughed endlessly, we didn’t drink or smoke.

But deception raised its head, with someone else alleged
Virginity was for marriage, but, you took Suzanne to bed.
Your   eyes were full of sorry, as you tried to change my mind
Your passion left her pregnant,   I left our world behind.

Confusion in my teens, i felt lost and scorned
Innocence of years, once happy now forlorn
From every stage i sang, as the years went passing by
The glitter of the dance ball reflected you into my eyes.

Sure i may as well link the famous song i mentioned also.

Ps. Suzanne is an alias for the girl mentioned.

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Ah, very touching story Old Doll.  A story a lot of us can relate to in one form or another.  Love hurts, anyway you look at it.  And the memories of true love stay with us forever.  smile

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Old Doll,
A bittersweet memory but an unforgettable one with prominence in the love annals, I'm sure.  Teenage love, innocence gained, inncocence lost!  So very, very cool!  And The Troggs!  Lovely story.

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Hi Doll, Ah, first love, you never really forget the sting.  Love all the timeline references: "photos, black and white", "latest vinyl", "The glitter of the dance ball reflected you into my eyes".  Really love this piece!  A true story for the ages.  thanks so much for sharing with us! ~T

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You have such a way with words. A touching story, and an all too familiar one I'm afraid. It's not just the girls who got cheated on, I went out with several two-timers (may their thongs cut into their bums) Good old days though, weren't they?
I always preferred "With a Girl Like You" to "Wild Thing" or "Love is all Around" myself.

This is a well written account of a true event, condensed into a few short verses. I hope his needle broke, and all his records got scratched! how's that eh?


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Thank you all so much for your comments.
I'm delighted you enjoyed sharing a very small part of my life.

Phil ! lol lol lol His needle is well scratched by now. His life is a book all by itself.
Last time we met, he was up s##t street with alcoholism. Me Mam always said " I was to soft natured and a pushover !
But, i  made the right decision back then.  Life and all its lessons is the best University for education.

Thanks Again.

Old Doll.

Why Blend in with the Crowd ? When you were made to stand out !