Topic: I need help replacing an acoustic pickguard.

I just removed the pickguard from my acoustic. The point end was sticking up and bothering me so i just took it off. Doing so it left glue residue and part of the paper backing from the guard. I know how to put on a new one and where to find it but i can't get the residue and backing off. I tried alcohol and nail polish remover but they didn't work. I don't want to try to many things because i don't want to hurt the finish. I plan on putting a clear pickguard back on. Does any of you know what i can get to clean this up without hurting the finish? Thanks in advance.

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Re: I need help replacing an acoustic pickguard.

I used a product called "Goo Gone" but I was concerned about the finish...nothing noticable. It's citrus based product. Nail Polish is acetone isn't it? That didn't damage it? Whatever you end up with do it as quickly as you can and thoroughly wash it afterwards. I tested the Goo Gone on another crappier guitar I had lying around first...if you have the means I'd recommend that too!!!

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Re: I need help replacing an acoustic pickguard.

Naptha works best and is safe on most all finishes. It can be purchased at most hardware stores... Ronsonol lighter fluid also works really well, seeing that it's 99% naptha.  A little heat from a hair drier will soften the glue and ease removal as well. (Don't put the naptha on the guitar before heating. It's flammable!) Heat the guitar and then apply the naptha with a soft cloth. Gently work it in circular motions doing a small area at a time.  Be careful not to get the guitar too hot when heating it... About 12 inches away in a fanning motion for a minute should suffice. -Pix

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Re: I need help replacing an acoustic pickguard.

Thanks guys for the info. I saw on the tube to use lighter fluid but wasn't sure. I tried the polish remover but i didn't use enough to really wet the glue good so nothing really happened to it. I'll try and put up some before and after pics when i get it done just for the sake of helping others in this situation. Thanks again i can always count on you good people to help with my problems.