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Topic: Zoom H4N

Hello Everyone,

I have been looking at different recorders for awhile and would like to share a look at the Zoom H4N. There has been alot of talk on some other forums about how good this little unit is. It is a four channel portable recorder. The reviews I have read by some users claim you can get studio quality audio with it.

When you look at the features it is a pretty neat little unit. 2 of the channels are for the 2 built in condensor mics and the other 2 you can use additional mics or plug in other units. It can also be used as a interface and comes with software Cubase Le 4. It is around $300

I was lookin at the Zoom Q3 that is also has a video camera and good audio. After some research I found out  the Q3 has audio similar to the Zoom H2 , one of the first recorders they had on the market.

With 2 quality built in mics and 2 additional channels , being portable and an interface, the H4N looks like a nice unit. A fella from another forum did a review on it here's the link.

http://www.homebrewedmusic.com/2009/03/ … -zoom-h4n/

Later, Wayne P