Topic: New Interface

After trying several small Interface recording devices I have decided to keep the Presonus Audiobox 2x2 . It seems to be a pretty sturdy little unit and I am making some headway on getting it figured out. Everything seems to be working with windows fine. For the price I think it will be all I need, it records 2 channels simultaneously and the software is going to be worth the price of the unit. It comes packaged with Studio One Artist , that cost around $200 if you just buy the software.

I have been fighting noise trying to use my mixer and into my soundcard, which I have found the mixer signal is not compatible with the mic input of the sound card. So it was either upgrade soundcards or purchase an interface. Just the few trial recordings are so nice not having all the noise to try and eliminate. I think it will be a worthwhile investment in spending some time learning how to use the software.

I like the fact that it is USB bus powered , makes it fairly portable if you use a laptop, like I do. It also has phantom power for using Condensor mics and I like the input knobs on the front of the unit for setting levels. It seems to be fairly straight forward and user friendly. The software is something I am researching and trying to learn , it has a recording section , then a mixdown section and from there a mastering section. So I have some work to do.

This little unit sells for $ 149.00 at most retailers, here's a link … oductId=53

Later, Wayne P