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Hey all, Just wondering if anyones got the spring time busies like myself. Good enough
             weather(somewhat), to get outside and work on projects like getting the garden
             area ready and some "spring cleaning" projects. My tool and storage shed was
             a disaster until yesterday. Got the old 66 chev p/u to keep pluggin away on
             and now the spring Chinook run is here and out on the river we go like mad-
             men. Sooooo many people out of work that the number of people fishing has
             really increased. Hard to find parking. I'll post some salmon picks in the "fish-
             ing bug" thread. Seems like it's harder to find time to check in on the forum,
             but will make it a point.        Mike

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Re: spring time is here

Stay busy, Mike. Everyday a full day makes a full life.
I have been scheming my warm weather agenda and now it's time to get cracking.
Gotta book some gigs for Casey & The Popster. Paying gigs are only 25% of what they were last year around here on the beach. Competition is fierce.
I sold my '98 Bonneville so I can:
Fix my motorcycle and lawn mower, buy a new foresail for the ol' blowboat, paint and repair my 4' by 8' trailer and buy enough Scott's Weed and Feed to do a half acre lawn.
If I get this done in good time, my sweet wife has a honeydo list that appears to be endless.

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Re: spring time is here

It's windy and cold here in north texas. tornado season has arrived. the other nite there was 8 tornado touch downs in the area. thank god they by-passed us. i'd go out side but i'd probably end up in the land of oz!

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Re: spring time is here

Well, I just got through mowing the lawn.  Should be about 80 gegrees today.  Not bad.  Mowing makes me thirsty.  Might have to check the fridge to see what is brewing.

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Re: spring time is here

bensonp, if you  enjoy ''mowing'', you are more that welcome to come over here, we are on 7 hectares. J'll supply the beer, and watch as you enjoy my kidney killing tractor, sans power steering as well. Gotta keep the weeds and grass short as this summer we've had 2 cobra snakes take up residence in our rockery. Not the safest of tenants for us or our dogs. Now that they ''live with us'' i've had to go on a major clean up, burning dead wood and sawing up all sorts of dead trees and junk. I came very close to catching one of them a while back and last Monday one of them decided to visit, thank goodness i had the sliding door closed, as
he was only a few feet away watching me read a book. He also managed to escape. Never a dull moment.

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Re: spring time is here

well in Wisconsin we are used to changing weather we had one day that was 80 degrees but the rest so far have been cool and raining typical for the month of April I wait till the last two weeks in may to plant my tomatoes and  peppers because the threat of a killing frost is always present till late May smile

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