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Topic: hey ya

I dont know who this guy is but dang! www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-8nkkOA_AM

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I haven't heard the rap version (Thankfully lol ) but I definitely enjoyed this version. smile

Pretty Song

Thanks for the link Selso smile


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Damn good! I love those sorts of covers...that guy made it his!!!!

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Wow... I had to listen to the original because I hadn't heard this before... that guy made this song GOOD!  big_smile  Thanks Selso for sharing!!

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Re: hey ya

It's Mat Weddle of the band Obadiah Parker (not that that means anything -- right now, anyway).


That is a GREAT version of the song, and it was used as the basis for a cover in a Scrubs episode by Sam Lloyd (Ted the lawyer, if you're familar with the show).


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