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Hi Pix,

  I was down your way yesterday, had to run to Wilmington, seen the signs for Chadbourn hope I'm spelling that right" and I knew you lived close by there, wish I would have had time to look you up but it was kinda a spur of the moment thing, anyway just thought I'd mention I was down your way.


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Re: Hey GuitarPix

Hey Cam! Yep that's me, the big town of Chadbourn smile At least that's where I reside 70% of the time... 

Sorry I missed ya at the beach. Work just had me pegged that week. I kept thinking I could squeeze a little time in somewhere but things just didn't pan out... We'll have to organize some kind of get together though smile We've accumulated a few Carolinians here. Don't know if anyone would be interested, but I'd love to set aside a weekend and gather everyone together for maybe some camping, fishing ,and picking. Maybe even a nice weekend canoeing/camping trip down a river. I have float maps for most of the state...   Can you tell my yearly fishing trip is past due lol I usually make 5-6 a year and thus far I haven't really made any... I'm having withdrawals and trouble thinking of much anything else lol

Anyone else open to the idea??

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