Topic: Guidelines for using 'Chordie's Market Place'

This is a new venture and the guidelines may be amended as situations arise so please read before posting.

1/ Junior Members, Dealer and Commercial Retailers are not allowed to advertise.

2/ Only musical instruments and accessories owned by the seller to be advertised.

3/ Only CD's produce by the seller with recordings of their own work to be advertised.

4/ Any photos or links to photos must be the actual goods on offer and not from a commercial site.

5/ Any photos or links to photos for goods wanted must be from the manufacturer of the goods own site only. Links to e-bay, etc., or a retailer of the equipment wanted are not allowed.

6/ The asking price must always be posted.

7/ All negotiations to be private. This means no public exchange of addresses or debate over pricing.

8/ All adverts will be removed one calendar month from the date posted.

9/ This service is open for Chordie Members at their own risk. All dealings are the responsibility of the parties concerned and on the understanding that Chordie will not be held liable in the event of any dispute.

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