Topic: Zager Acoustic Guitars Review

Product: Zager ZAD 50CE OM

Features :
Orchestra model with Venetian cutaway made in 2006; solid top; volume, eq & tuner controls with transducers inside; spruce top, rosewood fretboard & bridge, mahogany back & sides; Grover tuners; hand-filed frets; custom-fitted bridge, nut & action.

Sound :
Style is folk, country and light rock for which this guitar works very well. I use very little effects, and generally play it through a direct box right into the sound system. The eq/tone controls for the on board electronics give me a lot of range to brighten or deepen the tone.

I've been playing guitar for 30 years, I own three other acoustic guitars, two electric basses, an acoustic bass guitar, and a cello; my band owns a good pa system. I will probably buy another Zager product when I'm in the market, and one of the guitarists in my band is considering buying one after playing mine. I compared this guitar to the similar Taylor model, which I liked alot, but I feel I've gotten as good a guitar for a thousand dollars less!

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So you like your Zager guitar then,.

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I am honestly not trying to be rude. I am glad you like your guitar , Im afraid quite a few others havent got as lucky in the draw.
Ive seen reviews on Zager, and  they were not thrilling.   Glad you got a good one.