Topic: Bootlegger is alive & well.

Just stopped long enough to say hi all! Got a bad case of the busies I'm playing in 4 bands right now. When I have spare time I'm still building guitars & riding my Harley. Life goes on & Bootleger is Smiling Extra Large!!!!!!

Re: Bootlegger is alive & well.

Ah, Life is good.  Glad you could visit for a minute.  Sounds like you have a pretty busy schedule, alright.

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I have finally found happiness in my life.  Guitars, singing, beer and camping.  And they all intertwine wonderfully.

Re: Bootlegger is alive & well.

Hey great to hear from you and hear that you a well and busy. I have been concerned about you lately and been trying to e-mail you. If you have not received my messages send me an e-mail so I can reply to you.


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