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<font color="darkblue">Now I know this is going to stir up all kinds of crap, but here are some things I found on various guitar builders websites.</font>

<font color="red">Model:  TW60-SC-VS
R.R.P:  £499.95
Auditorium style guitar
Solid sprucetop
Mahogany back and sides
Hand carved bone top nut and saddle
Elixir strings
In vintage sunburst finish

Thanks to Elixir® Strings, the pioneer of long-life string technology, electric guitar players no longer need worry about the amount of sweat they pour into their music. Elixir® Strings featured its acclaimed Anti-Rust Plated Plain Steel Strings at Winter NAMM 2006. These innovative strings have the feel and sound of traditional strings, but last up to three times longer without corroding.

"Elixir® Strings revolutionized the guitar string industry with coated strings when we provided a valuable solution for preserving the tone life of wound strings," said Craig Theorin, product manager, Elixir® Strings. "Our new Anti-Rust technology addresses the same challenge for plain steel strings. Guitar players no longer have to face rusty plain steels when leaving strings on for an extended period of time."

The secret behind Elixir® Strings' new Anti-Rust Plated Steels is its proprietary alloy plating that inhibits tone-killing corrosion. Although the new strings last up to three times longer without corroding, they maintain a traditional metallic feel with a crisp, clean tone.

"I don't know how Elixir managed to improve upon the best, but they did! I find the new Elixir Plated Plain Steel strings require even less maintenance and last considerably longer, while maintaining the same excellence in tone, clarity and intonation I have come to expect from Elixir Strings," said world-renowned guitar player Johnny Hiland. Further, Hiland has since requested that all the strings on his electric guitars be switched to Elixir® Strings' new Anti-Rust Plated Plain Steels as soon as they are available.</font>

DJ Cormier

Re: Elixir Strings (HERE WE GO AGAIN!)

ok i finally got it figured WORK for Elixer...or you get a kick-back.

Go WINGS..and Tigers,Lions and Reading F.C...C'mon Royals

Re: Elixir Strings (HERE WE GO AGAIN!)

haha. no I don't work for elixir or get any set of elixirs was actually given to me by my Uncle.  I Just genuinely like them

DJ Cormier