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Sparc Salad McGuiver

Hate breeds hate, love breeds love
Push a man too far, back they will shove
Shove you down, down to the ground
Spit on your hollow body as you cry, whimper, and frown......

Cry to your friends, scream to your mates
They pass you by as your mind awaits....
Waits and observes as your bitter thoughts gets stomped
Your body aches, your hate-filled brain is romped......

Sparc Salad McGuiver, always thought his mind was quicker
quicker with wit, yet only full of spit
Spat upon those who previously gave him praise
A friendly hand, sad heads down, where mad cows graze

Pastures are full , full of mud and grass
I guess what I'm tryin' to say is .........
Toast from a half-full glass
( or somethin' like that )

Give everything but up.

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B eee you  tiful

Rule No. 1 - If it sounds good - it is good!

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tank ewe jeff

Give everything but up.

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Wow !

Excellent ! ya wee dark horse.

Old Doll.

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