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Just purchased a takamine gs330s, received it by mail. It is used but in excellent condition almost new. So I put on a new set of strings martin sp light phosphor bronze. When i play the guitar she sounds hollow-empty not a real good tone, but when I put on a capo just in front of the nut, the sound is much fuller and to me much better. Should the nut be modified??. Any suggestions?? Read alot of great things about this guitar regarding the sound, I hope this is not the sound they are talking about. thanks

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That's interesting d-2700 ... I wonder if changing the nut would do the trick.  I don't know much about these things, but there's a few guys here at Chordie that do.  I'd say you've probably come to the right place to ask!  Welcome to the forums!!

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what gauge strings did you put on her?

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If you need immediate gratification, take it to a shop for a professional setup for the weight strings you want to use, and include a new nut (Tusq or bone would be really cool).   It could be something as simple as the neck being at a slightly wrong angle and needing a truss rod adjustment or a worn nut or bridge, all very minor.  But while they're at it, have them look for internal damage. 

Also, I don't like Martin strings.  Never have.  To me, they sound worn out and dull when you put them on.  I like new, bright, sharp strings.  It's a personal thing.  If you aren't so worried about immediate gratification, just try some different strings on it.  I'm a fan of D'Addorio strings and play around with the different kinds.  Some pro friends of mine won't use anything but GHS.  Still others like Ernie Ball.  And of course, there's a fair number of people who like Martin.  I'm just not one of them.  For fingerpicking the D'Addorio silk and steel strings are good, but SO loud for strumming.  I also like the Elixir nanoweb coated strings.  They seem to last longer and hold their tone well.  Play around with different weights too.  I usually use .11's or .12s.  In my opinion, .10s (aka ultra lights) sound weak and jangly on any acoustic.  If you're going for jangly, then go with .10s.  If you want a fuller sound, go with as heavy as you can get away with in your style.  For me, that's usually .12s. 

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Are you using a tuner to make sure it is in concert pitch.

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I’m really new with the guitar so any feedback would interest me as well.   I noticed the strings I just bought are slightly different
The strings on my guitar are Medium 12/53 The new one’s are  11/52 I haven’t put them on yet but Maybe that is the difference in the sound

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Welcome d - I have the same guitar and I use 011 gage (custom light) Elixer Nanowebs.  The Takamine 300 series seems a little "bright" in tone to me so I find Elixers soften that up a bit.  I'm with Zurf on the 010's being a bit "jangly", though I didn't know it was a word but I know what he's sayin so it must be a word....

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All Tak's come pre-strung with D'Addario's. I'm using, from my last set-up, 12-53"s (EJ16 Light Phosphor Bronze). Never liked Martin strings Martin string as well as other brandsm but that's just me. If you are playing "amped" you might want to go down a little on the treble, up a little on the bass and adjust the mid's accordingly. Also, if your amp has chorus - turn it off until you get the sound you are looking for.


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I owned the same model for a few years and I settled on Elixir Polywebs 12-53 and it sounded very good.

I love Martin strings on my Martin,

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... I think all of these solutions fit, but to me it would simply seem like the sound new strings give until they've been played for two or three days. 
When I first changed my bass guitar strings I panicked because I thought I put them on wrong. Really they take a while to settle in. I could be wrong though.

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