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Greetings!! I think I didn a good deal. I traded in an Ibenez 2o and coffin case (payed $125 for both) the guitar store gave me a $100.00 in trade and I picked up a Fender Strat (Mexican) for an additional $125.00. Fretboard is great and the electronics sound clean!!

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Happy NGD Butch as a lover of Fender I am sure you will be more than happy with her.


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Thanks Roger. Some one tried to sand off the black finish, but they didn't hurt the parts that count. I definetly has character. Happy 4 th to all.

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Happy NGD Butch! Thers a MIM Strat for sale on my local CraigsList asking $300 - I can't stand the color though, so I'm gonna pass. Sounds like you got a good deal.

*** Note - It is customary to post pics on a NGD thread!! smile

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Happy NGD!  Yes, pictures are of course not required, but welcomed!!!  smile  I don't know much about prices and such, but that sure does sound like a good deal to me (I can appreciate that trade in deal for certain!!)

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