Topic: I'm a Survivor

Wanted a twist on the old line " I'm a survivor". Think I got that - with just a hint of menace too.

I'm a survivor

I'm a survivor
Just arrived at your front door.
If I could trouble you for a glass of water,
I won't ask for nothin' more.

I won't hang around your kitchen,
I won't dawdle in the hall
I won't comment on the pictures
No, you won't see me at all.

Cos I'm a survivor,
I'm the guy it happened to.
A whipping boy, a scape goat,
Now, ain't that the truth ?

I won't drop my boots beneath the stairs,
Won't ask you for a bed,
Won't even ask for stiff'un o'whiskey
Not so much as a slice of bread.

No. I came here cos I made it
And I wanted you to know
That the guy you thought you'd sent to hell
Soaked up every low blow.

Yes, I'm a survivor
And the thing that I've gotta say
Is that honour means more than vengeance
Though that may still see it's day.

But for now, I'll leave contented
Happy to see the fright in your eye,
I'll leave you here to ponder,
If I'll come back to take what's mine ?

"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." Miles Davis

Re: I'm a Survivor

You sure did Strans !

Please dont knock on my door lol I got the enthusiasm a survivor feels.. but his / her  menace was real and will be remembered long after the read..  Scarey stuff, but brillliantly written.
You definitely nailed it.

Old Doll.

Why Blend in with the Crowd ? When you were made to stand out !