Hi all I bought a used Tele a few weeks ago and did a post. The guitar store guy told me to put Elixir strings on it, he's a fiddle player. I'm not sure what gage they are but they don't feel right. It maybe my acoustic background but it seens to buzz etc. I'm pretty sure the guitar is set up right. Am I strumig too hard?


Did you try strumming lightly, one string at a time to see if there is buzz?  I do this when ever I hear buzzing in my strings, only to realize it's my fault due to not fretting well and not the guitar.  As I understand it, electric string gauges run different than acoustics.  Of course, the other guys here can tell you more.  When it comes to the electric, I find it's a lot less forgiving on clumsy fretting compared to my non-electrified acoustics. 

Since I've been at this for a short time (coming up on a year in a few months actually), I save my old string packages and write on them if I liked them or not.  It reminds me what gauge I used and liked/didn't like... what brand, or type also.

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Butch with any used guitar putting new strings on is a good thing but the bridge may have to be adjusted for string height(distance between strings and frets) with lighter gauges you may have to adjust the way you strum or try a softer pick have the music store check it out smile

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Thanks guys