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Well this isn't even remotely music related, but I wanted to share it anyway... Been spending a lot of time surfing lately and have been working with my 9 yr old on the beach with board positioning, pop ups, and such.... Well today I put him in the water for the first time on a board. We worked on balance and paddling for a bit and he caught on great. So we paddled into the break and I let him catch his first wave and he made me proud smile Little dude got up on the first try and cruised her all the way to shore smile  I was/am so stoked for him!! It's hard to explain the feeling for those that don't surf but it's really a life altering experience for most of us! He was so pumped and I had to drag him home this afternoon wink

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It is great when your kids exceed your expectations of them, you have every right to be chuffed. Tell him "well done" from me, it is more than I can do.


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Awesome! I still remember my first wave. Seemed like it took me all day to get up.

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Hi pix that has to be a very proud moment for you and your nine year old,this is asport that is very demanding and I think you and your son will have some great times ahead. I surfed till the eighties but had to stop as of workload and age,it is a rewarding sport in many ways.

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I've never tried it, but I've heard it can be very tricky and is quite physically demanding... yet fun.  Awesome for your son, and even better to get him started early when he doesn't realize how "hard" it's "supposed" to be!  LOL!  Good job!  Congrats to the little man!

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Oh, that is so cool.  My nine year old paddled out in a kayak on her own over the weekend, but I had to go rescue her from the wind.  I didn't encourage her or anything.  She said, "I want to paddle," so I rigged her up with a life jacket and a paddle and kayak and let her go.  Going out she did great, she got turned on her own, but the wind kept blowing her coming back so she couldn't steer.  A guy on shore let me borrow his kayak to go fetch her.   It's so great when we get to share our hobbies and interests with our kids. 

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Pix, I believe you had more fun seeing him cut it than the first time you did it yourself.
What a wonderful memory for both of you.

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Awesome story Pix, great job lil Pix!!

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