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I haven't written a poem for a while. I'd rather let them come to me than go looking for them. This one came today after a long day without a word from her indoors as we had a bit of a tiff last night, this is my way of getting it off my chest, I'm not a bad man so please dont condemn me just tell me what you think of this as a poem. Thanks.

One word at a time.             

Come on, you know I love you.
I should not have raised my voice, but I did.
I swore and punched the door, I did it.
I should control my self...I should.
My frustration turned to anger and I lashed out.
It was just my voice that touched you, just my voice.
That's the only pain that I would give you.
I love you, you know I do.

Last night you made me sleep alone.
Yes, I was angry too.
The red mist dropped and I lost it.
Sometimes it pays to keep it cool.
But you nagged me and you nagged me.
All day yesterday and the day before.
Until that last straw on the donkeys back.
Like the proverb says; I snapped.

I hate it when we argue.
Come on, there's two sides to every tale.
OK, you hate the jokes at your expense.
But think of this a while.
They're not jokes, to me, they're something.
Something eating in my brain.
So I try to make it funny, a joke.
I have to make it go away.

Again I ask, do you want a cuppa.
I know tea wont get me off.
But I'm lonely and I love you.
And bit by bit you talk.
And talking is the start of it.
You cant even look at me right now.
One word first and then another.
Then they all come flooding out.

So, slowly oh so slowly.
How that wall comes tumbling down.
The wall I helped you build last night in folly.
Bit by bit it hits the ground.
Tea? OK!
Shall I change the TV channel? If you want.
Pretty soon it'll all come back.
One word, one simple word at a time.

Phill Williams. 6th August2010

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Re: One word at a time.

Hi Phil, I really like this; the pain, the tenderness, the love, the desire to get started working on repairing what's been chipped away -- it all comes through.  When two have a relationship that's worth repairing, that 'One Word' will happen and open the diologue.  All that pride and stubborness that get in the way of that "One word, one simple word", wastes so much time that's better spent loving!  I hope it all works out in your favor, good luck! -T
PS...great therapy, this writing stuff, eh?

Re: One word at a time.

Hi T,
yes great therapy, we're talking again now, but normal relations are still on hold.

As I started work just over a month ago, it has emerged that my mood has become a little caustic! I'm working to rectify this now I know what's wrong.

I'ts funny how you always think it's someone els's fault?

Thanks for the comment and the nice words


Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

Re: One word at a time.

I can't say anything more than T-Rex has!  Very well put so I will simply second it all!

Glad to hear things are working out Phill!  If it makes you feel any better, the month of August is very emotionally taxing on me remembering the loss of our daughter... my poor husband, who I often forget does have feelings too, has to bear the brunt of my horrible mood swings as I try to fight through so many different emotions about it.  An unexpected loving hug goes a long way when the words won't come out smile

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Re: One word at a time.

Wow Phil !

Its all there right enough. Like a slow moving  movie reel on a day and night in a couples life..

Shouting ! We all do that at somestage in life. No ones hears whats being said  though,
the words and meaning get lost in the vocal noise..

In saying that, I lived with stonewall stubborn bold child silence for years. Now, I have silence by choice
and i love every minute of it.

Well done as always

Old Doll.

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Re: One word at a time.

Thank you Lena, it was a while ago now and things are more or less back to normal. I love her and she loves me, what more can any man ask for?

Yes unfortunately we men can be somewhat childish at times. All we need is a little love from a special person, if we dont know that, what sadness and heartache can follow!

Hi Jason, I agree in part, anger can be the relief valve when your boiler is about to erupt, but it's quite often the one thing that can destroy us; people, relationships even countries!

A good mathematical knowledge of how to count to ten helps. Maybe Hitler could only count to three?


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