Topic: A Great Place To Be!!

I hate to have to say it
But it’s time the words are said
I’m telling you I’m sorry
That our friendship now is dead
The times we shared together
Are all gone in the past
I knew that this would happen soon
Our friendship wouldn’t last
Please don’t try to argue
Rather try to understand
That time can change two people
Like the tides that change the sands
It really has be wonderful
But you see it has to end
For I think of you in a different way
I’m in love with you my friend

Re: A Great Place To Be!!

ah, the twist in the very last line.

well executed.


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Re: A Great Place To Be!!

Ohhhhhh i love this Bill Renzo,

Get back in here and tell this Nosey Old Doll " Did you tell her ?

I really want to know, Pleeeeeeeeaseeeee.

Old Doll

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